newly developed remote operated slope mower (VTC800-160) released

The new model (pictured below) features a sleek and stylish design with a streamlined shape. Its matte black color gives it a more sophisticated and durable look.

The cutting platform has been upgraded from 2mm to 4mm thickness, eliminating self-vibrations and ensuring increased sturdiness.

The previous model of the walking motor used a spur gear reducer, known for its affordability and high transmission efficiency. However, it required frequent maintenance, otherwise it was prone to damages. The spur gear reducer lacked a self-locking function, which meant that on slopes, constant control using a remote was necessary to prevent the machine from sliding downhill.

In contrast, the new model of the walking motor features a worm gear reducer. It comes with a self-locking function, eliminating concerns about the machine sliding on slopes. The worm gear reducer ensures greater stability and safety, allowing for worry-free operation even on inclined surfaces. This improvement offers convenience and peace of mind, making the new walking motor a reliable choice for various applications.

The previous model of the walking motor had an output shaft with a diameter of 16mm, while the new model has been upgraded to a larger diameter of 30mm.

This enhancement makes the new motor more suitable for heavy-duty tasks, including climbing slopes. With the increased diameter, the new motor offers improved strength and durability, allowing it to handle challenging activities with greater ease and efficiency.

An important upgrade in the new model is the transition from a hobby-grade controller to an industrial-grade controller. The new controller offers increased flexibility and faster response, allowing for seamless control even in rugged terrains and obstacle-filled environments. This enhancement ensures precise and agile maneuverability, providing an optimal user experience in a wide range of challenging scenarios.

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