Newly designed 600mm cutting width lawn mower

Vigorun Tech has recently designed a new lawn mower, the VTLM600, with a cutting width of 600mm. Taking inspiration from our highly popular VTC800-160 lawn mower with an 800mm cutting width, the VTLM600 features a sleek and stylish appearance. It retains the advantages of the large-size VTC800-160 mower, such as a simple and well-structured design, logical layout, safety, reliability, and a fashionable aesthetic.

The VTLM600 remote-controlled lawn mower will be powered by a Loncion 224CC engine, allowing for remote engine startup and adjustable cutting height. It is equipped with a 24V brushless motor for smooth movement and a 28V 1500W generator for continuous power supply. Additionally, it is equipped with a specially designed large cutting blade. Additionally, it can be equipped with an optional snow shovel attachment.

The standout feature of this product, compared to similar ones on the market, is the integration of a brushless motor with a gearbox. This innovative design achieves high transmission efficiency, a high gear reduction ratio, and a robust worm gear system. Notably, the gear and motor are seamlessly combined, utilizing internally applied grease lubrication to prevent oil leakage and ensure a longer lifespan.

We eagerly anticipate the release of this remarkable new product. As all components are based on our existing parts, the testing period will be short, allowing for a prompt market launch.

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