Worm Gear & Worm Reducer

Worm gear reducer, as a traditional transmission device, consists of a worm wheel and a worm, with involute teeth profile.
Its advantages include compact mechanical structure, lightweight and small size, efficient heat dissipation, easy installation and maintenance, high transmission ratio and torque capacity, smooth operation, low noise, durability, versatility, and suitability for lifting operations.
It also has a long service life and a wide range of input speeds for large-scale speed reduction.
Moreover, it possesses self-locking capability.

However, the drawback of a worm gear reducer is its relatively low working efficiency, typically reaching only below 60%.
Additionally, controlling backlash is challenging, especially after prolonged meshing between the worm wheel and worm, leading to significant play.

The worm gear in our selected reducer is made of 12-2 tin bronze, which is of the highest quality standard among our peers.
Many others only use ordinary bronze, with the slightly better option being 10-1 tin bronze.
The choice of tin bronze was made due to two reasons: first, bronze acts as a lubricant, reducing friction, and second, bronze has a softer texture compared to the worm, which is typically harder.
As the worm is the driving wheel and connected to the motor, in case of equipment failure preventing rotation, the worm can be sacrificed to protect the motor from damage and allow it to continue operating.

The accuracy level of the worm is between 4 and 8, and it is made of high-density alloy steel, ensuring minimal wear.

The input end seal is a renowned Chinese SKF oil seal, greatly reducing the risk of oil leakage.

Our selected gear reducer represents the top-quality level in China.

Note: Please contact our sales representative to confirm which model of lawn mower this part is used on.

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