works great, good work when mowing in different terrains. Your help is greatly appreciated

We have recently received feedback from a customer in Czech Republic who purchased our remote-controlled lawn mower.
The customer expressed their satisfaction, stating that “It works great, as I am still testing the machine, we were surprised by its good work when mowing in different terrains.”

During the customer’s usage, they experienced engine vibrations due to poor-quality gasoline. As we manufacture our lawn mowers, we possess in-depth knowledge of our products, enabling us to provide prompt and efficient after-sales service.
We swiftly guided the customer in replacing the gasoline and cleaning the carburetor, resolving the issue with their lawn mower.

The customer expressed their appreciation for our assistance, stating “Your help is greatly appreciated.”

Furthermore, the customer has expressed interest in becoming our distributor in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria. If you are from any of these regions, you can purchase our lawn mowers through this customer.

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