How to Operate Rubber Track Remote Operated Slope Mower VTLM800 With Snow Blade?

The remote control for the mower is designed to be easy to operate. Follow these steps to use it effectively:

1.Start the mower by pressing the power button. This will activate the display on the control panel, indicating that the mower is ready for use.
2.Press the black button on the remote control to power it up. This will establish a connection between the remote control and the mower.
3.The left joystick on the remote control is used to control the forward and backward movement of the mower. Pushing it forward will make the mower go forward, and pulling it backward will make it reverse.
4.The right joystick on the remote control is responsible for controlling the direction. Pushing it to the left or right will steer the mower accordingly.
5.The button located in the upper left corner of the remote control allows you to adjust the speed of the lawn mower. You can increase or decrease the speed as per your preference.
6.The button in the upper right corner is the cruise control button. Once activated, it will help maintain a consistent speed, allowing you to focus on steering the mower.
7.To start or turn off the gasoline engine, use channel 6 on the remote control.
With the remote control, you have the freedom to control the mower and operate it flexibly. This can transform the typically dull task of mowing into an interesting and engaging game-like experience.
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Hope this helps!

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