Remote Control Track Chassis RTC300 – How to operate it?

The remote control for the Track Chassis is designed to be easy to operate. Follow these steps to use it effectively:

1.Press the black button on the remote control to power it up.
2. Start the machine by pressing the power button.
3.The left joystick on the remote control is used to control the forward and backward movement of the machine.
4.The right joystick on the remote control is responsible for controlling the direction.
5.The button located in the upper left corner of the remote control allows you to adjust the speed of the track chassis.
6.The button in the upper right corner is the cruise control button. Once activated, it will help maintain a consistent speed, allowing you to focus on steering the machine.

Using the steps we mentioned, you can effectively operate the track chassis with the remote control. Enjoy your experience with the Track Chassis!

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