Feedback on grass mowing in New Zealand after ten consecutive days of rain

We are thrilled to share the feedback video from our esteemed customer in New Zealand.
After enduring over ten days of heavy rain, the ground was left wet and muddy, with thick grass covering the area.
In a head-to-head comparison with their previous ride-on mower, our lawn mower emerged victorious.
Our remote-controlled mower is equipped with 15cm wide tracks, making it impervious to muddy conditions.
With its advanced controllers, it offers exceptional flexibility and maneuverability.
The video clearly demonstrates its ability to navigate sharp turns and effortlessly trim grass around trees.
The customer’s video showcased our mower effortlessly handling small ditches and steep slopes, thanks to its powerful 24V 1000W motor.
It is truly a workhorse that thrives in challenging environments.
If you desire a hassle-free mowing experience, we invite you to contact us and discover the cutting-edge technology of our remote-controlled lawn mower.

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