Newly Developed Remote Control Robot Base (RRB300) Released

Introducing our remote controlled wheeled chassis, a cost-effective chassis product based on our highly acclaimed remote control lawn mower. With its sleek and simple design, this platform is perfect for customization and secondary development. Build your own machine by adding additional functional modules on top of our reliable wheelbase to fulfill your specific needs.

The bottom of the fuselage is reinforced to carry heavy loads. The installation position of the travel motor has also been reinforced to prevent deformation and displacement.

Equipped with our mature motor controller from the remote-controlled mower, this robot base boasts exceptional control sensitivity and quick response. The built-in intelligent chip ensures stable, year-round performance by intelligently detecting current and overheating conditions. Additionally, it features a smooth startup function, eliminating any jarring or sudden acceleration or deceleration.

The rover base comes with a feature function expansion HUB that allows control and expansion of up to four additional circuits, making it easy to add extra functionalities without requiring any remote control expertise.

Powered by a pure battery system, the standard configuration includes a 24V 20Ah battery. However, users can add more batteries to achieve prolonged operating time, catering to their specific requirements.

The wheeled chassis is equipped with 15cm wide lawn tires 5X6.00-6, which not only enhance the aesthetics but also provide durability and high load-bearing capacity.

Whether you seek a ready-to-use remote-controlled unmanned vehicle for transportation purposes or plan to customize it as a sprayer, snowplow, or advertising vehicle, this robotic base is your ideal choice. It also suits those interested in gaining hands-on experience with this technology by operating a physical product. Alternatively, if you wish to purchase a ready-made unmanned vehicle and further develop it into your own creation, this wheelbase is the perfect foundation.

Embrace the possibilities and experience the convenience of our remote-controlled robot base. Take the first step in exploring the world of unmanned vehicles and unlock a realm of endless possibilities.

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