Remote Mower Revolutionizes Grass Maintenance in Solar Power Plants

Vigorun Tech, a leading provider of innovative lawn care solutions, proudly announces the successful implementation of their wheeled remote mower in solar power plants across Lithuania. The outstanding performance of this cutting-edge equipment has received positive feedback from Lithuanian customers, showcasing its potential to revolutionize the maintenance of grass in solar power plants worldwide.

With a sleek height of only 43cm, Vigorun’s wheeled remote mower effortlessly glides underneath solar panels, optimizing grass cutting efficiency. Boasting a four-wheel drive system and a flexible controller, it navigates with ease, exhibiting precise forward and reverse movements as well as impeccable steering. The compact design, measuring just 82cm, ensures seamless maneuverability even in narrow gaps as small as 1m.

Maintaining grass in solar power plants has always been a challenge due to limited space and delicate equipment. However, Vigorun’s wheeled remote mower provides the ideal solution. By combining innovative technology with expert engineering, Vigorun Tech has met the needs of solar power plant owners and operators, offering a tailored solution for efficient grass cutting.

“The success of our wheeled remote mower in solar power plants in Lithuania confirms its superiority in maintaining grass in this unique environment,” said Dave Wu, CEO of Vigorun. “We are thrilled to offer our cutting-edge solution to solar power plant operators worldwide, revolutionizing the way they maintain their grounds.”

With the increased global demand for sustainable energy solutions, solar power plants are expanding rapidly. However, ensuring the vegetation underneath the solar panels remains properly maintained is crucial. Vigorun’s wheeled remote mower not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the solar power plants but also improves the energy output by minimizing the shading effects caused by overgrown grass.

Vigorun Tech is committed to providing the highest-quality lawn care solutions, delivering excellence and innovation in every product they offer. Their wheeled remote mower is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

If your solar power plant is in need of an efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly grass maintenance solution, look no further than Vigorun wheeled remote mower. With its impressive performance and compact design, it’s the ultimate choice for ensuring the seamless operation of solar power plants while maintaining green and lush surroundings.

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