Czech Distributor Attends Local Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Our Czech distributor participated in a local agricultural machinery exhibition, showcasing two models of remote-controlled lawn mowers: the VTLM800 tracked model and the VTW550-90 wheeled model.

The wheeled VTW550-90 mower is remarkably powerful and smart, ideal for flat terrain lawns. It’s particularly suitable for household use and received great enthusiasm at the exhibition.

The tracked VTLM800 boasts even greater power, with a 452CC engine and an impressive 800mm cutting width, ensuring high efficiency.
Equipped with two 48V 1000W servo motors, the 48V high voltage ensures low current transmission, minimizing heat generation and enabling prolonged operation.
The motors feature electronic parking function, automatically stopping on slopes when not in operation, ensuring safety.
Additionally, the worm gear structure guarantees high torque output from the drive motors.
Combined with specially designed sawtooth blades, it can tackle overgrown grass, small bushes, and even small stones without significant blade damage.

The exhibition was a resounding success, attracting numerous visitors who expressed great interest in the remote-controlled lawn mowers.
Not only were both exhibited models sold out, but our Czech distributor also secured numerous orders on-site.

Remote-controlled lawn mowers represent cutting-edge mowing technology and are highly favored by users.

If you’re from Czech Republic or neighboring countries and interested in purchasing remote control lawn mower samples, our Czech distributor is more than happy to assist you.

Welcome to get in touch with us for more information.

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