How to choose a high quality remote control lawn mower?

Many lawn mower buyers are very frustrated because they have a strong need for remote control lawn mowing, but often encounter quality problems shortly after purchasing, wasting time on repairing machines and waiting for parts.

So, how do you buy a high-quality lawn mower? Currently, the quality issues with remote control lawn mowers mainly reflect on the walking system of the mower.
There are currently several walking systems available on the market:

A) Brushed motor
This type of motor is originally designed for dump truck tipping devices, fertilizer or seed dispensing devices, barrier switch devices, and other operation environments with short usage time, low frequency, and low workloads.
Therefore, this motor can also handle short-term overload use.
However, if used in a lawn mower, due to the long continuous working time and the need for torque, especially when used in large lawn mowers, this type of motor will lead to serious quality problems.

B) Brushless motor with spur gear reducer
This type of brushless motor is a relatively inexpensive product mainly used in electric tricycles, electric vehicles, and other operation environments with low torque and high speed and good heat dissipation.
It is not suitable for remote control lawn mowers, track chassis, and other low-speed and high-torque operating conditions.

Spur gear reducers are known for their affordability and high transmission efficiency. However, they require frequent maintenance, otherwise, they are prone to damages. The spur gear reducer lacks a self-locking function, meaning that on slopes, constant control using a remote is necessary to prevent the machine from sliding downhill.

C) Brushless motor with worm gear reducer
The brushless motor with a worm gear reducer is already a very good power choice for remote control lawn mowers.
This walking motor features a worm gear reducer that comes with a self-locking function. This eliminates concerns about the machine sliding on slopes. The worm gear reducer ensures greater stability and safety, allowing for worry-free operation even on inclined surfaces.
The disadvantage is that brushless motors generally have speed differences, and a 10% speed difference is normal.
This can cause the speed of the left and right walking motors to differ after deceleration, causing the lawn mower to not maintain a straight path and requiring manual correction of the forward direction.

D) Servo motor
The servo motor with a worm gear reducer is the best power choice for remote control lawn mowers.
In addition to the advantages of brushless motors, the servo motor has more precise speed control due to the use of encoders, ensuring the machine maintains a straight path.
The disadvantage is that it is expensive and requires a dedicated and expensive servo motor controller.
It is not realistic to equip such a motor and reducer in a cheap remote control lawn mower.

Vigorun Tech is currently in the promotion stage to expand its market share. The VTLM800 model remote control lawn mower is being sold with very low profit margins.
This model is equipped with a servo motor and worm gear reducer walking system and a dedicated servo motor controller.
It can be said to be the best large remote control lawn mower on the market and a wise choice for your purchase.

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