Vigorun Mower power system

VTC550-90 Remote Control Lawn Mower:
24V 500W brushless DC motor + micro gear reducer + dual-channel brushless DC motor controller

VTLM600 Brushless Motor Remote Mowing Tank:
24V 500W servo motor + micro gear reducer + 24V dual-channel servo motor controller

VTLM800 Rubber Track Remote Operated Slope Mower:
48V 1000W servo motor + worm gear & worm reducer + 48V dual-channel servo motor controller

VTW550-90 Wireless Radio Control Mowing Robot:
24V 350W brushed motor + integrated reducer + 24V dual-channel brushed DC motor controller

Vigorun Tech is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality and user-friendly remote-controlled lawnmowers.
The power system we utilize is currently the best cost-effective choice in China.
If you are not skilled in maintenance, and only seek to purchase long-lasting and durable products, or if you are interested in distributing lawn mower products without the hassle of after-sales issues, please contact us.
Choosing our products would be a wise decision on your part.

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