best customer service Ron has received in many years, very happy with the performance of the machine

Our Australian customer, Ron, recently received our remote-controlled lawn mower. Prior to starting to use it, we promptly sent him the User’s Manual and precautions to ensure he was well-informed. We advised him to read them carefully as they are important and very useful for later mowing, aiming to prevent any damage from misuse and avoid any disruptions to the mowing process.

Since Ron opted for the model with a snow shovel attachment, we also reminded him to raise the snow shovel to its highest height before mowing to prevent damage.

Ron highly appreciates our customer service, stating, “You have been so helpful. Best customer service I have received in many years.” He even offered to allow us to use his comments.

Given the satisfaction we provided Ron with, he inquired, “Is there any other way I can give your company a 5-star rating?” In reality, we are from the same province as Confucius, and we are deeply influenced by his thoughts, emphasizing the importance of honesty and integrity in personal conduct and business dealings. It is our pleasure to cooperate and we hope our customers enjoy their experience. And if they can introduce more customers to us, that would be the greatest reward we could receive. Rest assured, we will continue to provide 5-star service to all new customers.

Ron not only gave us a 5-star rating for our service, but also praised the excellent performance of our lawn mower. He shared, “Very wet area with 2Omm or so of water running under the grass. Excellent for wet area mowing. The grass is thick, 600mm in places. Very happy with the performance of the machine in thick grass on extremely wet ground.”

If you are looking to enjoy 5-star products and service like Ron did, feel free to contact us.

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