to procure our remote mowers through word of mouth

Today, we received an email from one of our esteemed clients:

“Also l have one request, Could you send me the cost of one VTLM800 with the amount of shipping?
Because I might have interest in your machine and l would like to tell them the exact cost of shipping.”

Along with the request, they shared some breathtaking pictures of a hill they mowed just two days ago. Despite the initial trepidation, they triumphed. They discovered that the VTLM800 is exceptionally stable, igniting hope that they could conquer even the steepest slopes.

This scenario reflects the current reality for many of our loyal customers. As they delve into mowing operations with our machines, they often find themselves pleasantly surprised. The stellar performance of our mowers frequently exceeds their expectations, leading to glowing appreciation and a willingness to share their joy with us.

Just like this customer planning to purchase a second VTLM800 remote control mower, the friends of our mower customers, or their friends’ friends, witness the mowing prowess and often decide to procure our mowers through word of mouth. Consequently, our sales have skyrocketed this year, with the sales volume in four months surpassing that of the entire previous year.

The reasons behind our remarkable achievements are manifold. Firstly, our products boast unmatched quality, capable of meeting the diverse mowing needs of our customers, especially in challenging terrains like steep slopes. Secondly, our pre-sales and after-sales service sets us apart. With an in-depth understanding of our products and a wealth of expertise, we earn the trust and confidence of our customers.

Furthermore, our dealer policies, transportation services, and customization options are exceptional. We are committed to growing alongside our customers, a philosophy that has earned us the favor of numerous dealers.

If you’re seeking the best remote-controlled mower manufacturer in China, look no further. We assure you, choosing us will be a decision you won’t regret.
Reach out to us today!

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