Feedback of remote mower from Thai customer

We have recently exported our remote-controlled lawn mower to the Thai market, and our customers in Thailand have received the products in wooden crates, ensuring the safety of the goods during transportation. The goods arrived in perfect condition.

Our remote-controlled lawn mower features an electric-driven propulsion system for its movement. It is powered by a battery, allowing it to move without the need for starting an engine, making the transportation process extremely safe. The cutting system of the mower is driven directly by an engine, which powers the cutting blades. Furthermore, the engine also operates a built-in generator to recharge the battery, guaranteeing continuous and extended operation of the machine.

our Thai customer shared a delightful video of their initial testing of the machine. We take pride in our rigorous testing process, ensuring that our machines are fully functional before being shipped. This means that customers can start using the machine as soon as they receive it.

For beloved pets like dogs, the remote-controlled lawn mower presents a novelty that adds excitement to their lives 🙂

If you are also in Thailand and require our remote-controlled lawn mower for your grass-cutting needs, please feel free to contact us for purchasing inquiries.

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