it is not a easy job to climb over 60 degree slope even for Vigorun slope mower

Our Vigorun remote mower is designed to overcome the challenges of steep slopes, making it the perfect solution for tough terrain. With firsthand experience in grass cutting, operators understand the difficulty of handling a 60-degree slope. It can be dangerous to manually mow or ride on such a steep incline. That’s where our remote-controlled lawnmower steps in, offering a safe and efficient alternative.

By enabling remote control functionality, our mower keeps operators at a safe distance from the risk of accidents associated with steep slopes. The remote control allows for precise maneuvering, ensuring effective grass cutting without compromising safety.

One of the key features of our mower is the worm gear and worm reducer equipped in the walking motor. This design provides a self-locking mechanism, preventing unintended movement even when power is cut off. This ensures that the mower remains stationary, eliminating the risk of sliding or rolling on the slope.

To guarantee reliable performance, our slope mower is equipped with a powerful brushless 48V motor. This motor generates strong power output with minimal heat generation, thanks to its 110mm diameter coil and a 6-square mm power cable. The large RV063 gearbox with a high reduction ratio of 1:40 ensures exceptional climbing ability and torque at low speeds.

To further enhance durability, our mower features an oil pump with forced lubrication for the gasoline engine. This system provides a constant supply of pressurized oil, ensuring effective lubrication even under demanding conditions of driving on a slope. This prevents premature wear and contributes to the reliable operation of the mower.

Climbing over a 60-degree slope is not an easy task for any mower, including the Vigorun slope mower. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Steep Incline: A 60-degree slope is extremely steep, and it requires a mower with exceptional climbing ability and traction to navigate such terrain. Even with special features, the mower may struggle to maintain stability and traction on such a steep incline.
  2. Weight Distribution: On steep slopes, the weight distribution of the mower becomes crucial. With a 60-degree slope, the majority of the weight is shifted towards the back wheels. This can affect the balance of the mower, making it prone to tipping or sliding.
  3. Power and Torque: Climbing a 60-degree slope requires sufficient power and torque from the mower’s motor. While the Vigorun slope mower is equipped with a powerful motor, such steep inclines can still pose a challenge, especially if the grass is thick or the terrain is rugged.
  4. Safety Concerns: Working on a 60-degree slope can be hazardous, both for the mower and the operator. The risk of tipping or rolling increases, and the mower needs to be operated with caution to avoid accidents or damage.

Overall, a 60-degree slope presents significant difficulties for any mower, including the Vigorun slope mower, due to the steep incline, weight distribution, power requirements, and safety concerns. It is important to consider these factors and exercise caution when operating on such challenging terrain.

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