remote lawn mowers for solar power plants

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting a customer who was in need of a remote-controlled lawn mower for their solar power plant.
Their specific requirement was for the lawn mower to be no taller than 50cm, as the solar panels were situated 50cm from the ground.
Additionally, they mentioned having difficulty cutting grass around metal “sticks” that were spaced 100cm apart, with a total of 6000 sticks across the entire plant.

In response to these needs, our wheeled remote mower is the perfect solution. With a height of only 43cm, it easily maneuvers beneath the solar panels. Equipped with four-wheel drive and a flexible controller, it can effortlessly move forward, reverse, and steer with precision. Its compact body, measuring just 82cm, allows it to navigate through gaps as narrow as 1m.

Our wheeled remote lawn mower is the ultimate choice for efficiently maintaining grass in solar power plants.
If you too require a solution for grass cutting in solar power plants, look no further.

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